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Grandmillenial Maximalism

May 31, 2023

Grandmillenial Maximalism

Grandmillenial maximalist. Yip, you heard it here first. A super long word, made up by some fancy interior designer, somewhere in the world that apparently is taking over the interior scene in 2023.

So, what the hell does it even mean!?

It piqued my interest of course, as it included the word ‘maximalist’. So, Grandmillenial Maximalist simply means a “movement away from stark minimalism toward a more expressive approach to interiors.” In other words less boring, more cool stuff with a nod toward your grandmothers house; celebrating the resurgence of antique shapes and materials, like a rich walnut sideboard or a Rococo revival sofa, but dressed up in a way that makes it completely fresh.

There are no rules to the Grandmillenial palette but pastel shades seem to dominate. Think pale blues, and yellows, tans and pinks.Then pair these back with strong shades such as dark sage, mustard, peacock, and black. 

My favourite Resene paint picks for this design aesthetic have to be: Resene Cut Glass, Moon Glow, Gold Coast, Vanilla Ice for the pastels and teamed with Resene Sage, Aloha, Kitsch, and Black for the stronger shades.


Incorporate it with busy patterns (in small doses) and include multiple patterns just make sure there’s a balance between solid colour, geometry, and shape.

And if there’s one dominating feature of Grandmillenial maximalism its wallpaper. Lots and lots of floral wallpaper. As there is so much going on with this design style we recommend just picking one feature wall to wallpaper, then add the rest of the interest into the room, through complimentary patterns, some pastel paint shades, and loads of layering of your favourite pieces.

This theme is fun and gives loads of room to add your own spin on it. I love displaying all my wares and I love how maximalism in every form embraces this. The “stuff” we love wasn’t designed to be stuck in a cupboard, so get it out, group it, and display it. Play with the colours and sizes and create awesome vignettes within your home. 

Now, pair that with some beautiful floral wallpaper, some complimentary paint colours, and basically whatever the heck you like and you’ve likely nailed this look!

All images sourced from Pinterest.