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Mob Wife

Jul 05, 2024

Mob Wife
So, I trawl the internet most weeks looking at what trends are being forecast in Interiors and latching on to those that sound the most interesting (while ignoring those that sound bland - such as latte dressing). And today one leaps out at me, the ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’. Say what!? 
I’m with you lot on this one, what on earth is the Mob Wife aesthetic? 
If I simplify it down to its most basic design rules, its leopard prints, faux furs, and accents of red. Mixed with shameless bold taste. Brought about by the iconic Sopranos TV series celebrating 25 anniversary, which in turn set social media alight with references of the sartorial style choices of the late 1990s and early 2000s mob wives on TV.
“The mob wife aesthetic humorously embraces the taste for assumed maximalism that has signaled flashy opulence throughout the history of humankind,” says Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, one of the founders of the Invisible Collection
It’s all about the mixing of different eras, excessive decoration, full-on extravagance, and a whole heap of “I don’t care what you think, I love my giant chandelier!’ attitude.
With 5 style tips to achieve this look, you too can bring some serious Mob Wife aesthetic into your home:
  1. Animal prints are essential! Zebra, cow hide, tiger, snake-skin (all faux of course). In this aesthetic all animal prints are good animal prints. Throw these on your bed, couch, chair, use it as a floor rug. There’s no such thing as too much faux fur.
  2. Luxe Lighting - Mob wife lighting reflects both Art Nouveau and Deco era’s focusing on dramatic, opulent light fittings. Hit those op shops as vintage lamps from the 70’s and 80’s are ideal for this eclectic aesthetic.
  3. Display your collections - whether it’s books, art, or random knick knacks, display it all. Incorporate vintage finds with your existing pieces and create a truly interesting space that reflects your multi-faceted personality.
  4. Mix and Match period styles - throw some deco in with some old Hollywood glamour with a little Louis XVI excess. There’s no such thing as “too much”.
  5. Red is the colour - Red velvet, red drapes, red carpet, red anything. Rich, opulent red is the colour of this powerful aesthetic.

So, embrace a little Carmela Soprano style, dive into the opulent, unapologetically over-the-top decor and shameless bold taste. And if your struggling on which shade of red is the perfect one to fully embrace this trend, take a look at Resene shades Red It, Red Berry, and Resene Salsa.
All images are sourced from Pinterest.