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Western Gothic

May 09, 2024

Western Gothic
Western Gothic, just the name of this Interior Design trend has piqued my interest. So what exactly is it? According to Pinterest, Western Gothic blends a vintage Americana aesthetic with moody tones and textures. It's all about mixing that classic western look with darker color palettes — and it's arguably a result of several other current design movements, like cottagecore and coastal cowgirl (admittedly neither of which I have heard of previously).
I have always loved a dark, moody room, and this 2024 trend embraces this. And is a stunning example of the beauty created when you mash several ‘themes’ together and combine the old with the new.
This trend promotes breathing new life into timeless classics, such as sheepskin throws and the classic leather armchair. As is often the case, it’s all about creating texture. Think cowboy art prints, studs, and even fringing if you’re keen to really embrace this Wild West aesthetic. All are paired on a gorgeously moody backdrop of deep blues and charcoals with a splash of gold.
So, where does one start? Arguably the most important step has to be nailing the “gothic” aesthetic. Start with a moody colour palette, my picks are Resene Foundry for a gorgeous deep charcoal, Resene Blue Night for a true midnight blue, or if you’re really game try Resene Black. These deep hues create loads of drama as well as a cosy, intimate atmosphere. They are also the perfect backdrop to display artwork.
Combine your moody tones with natural elements of tan leather, velvets, and (of course) faux furs to add an element of the luxurious. And to add even more touches of gothic, include loads of candle holders in various shapes and sizes. 
If you’re anything like me you’ll have a soft-spot for the indoor plant. This theme works beautifully with succulents and cacti (plus they're almost impossible to kill!) and adds a nice balance to the dark, moody tones.
Don’t be afraid to mix and match elements, this is the key to a room that feels undeniably you. But if you love a moody space and are drawn to a relaxed yet luxe vibe, then this could be the interior trend for you.
All images sourced from Pinterest.