All about Miss Lolo ...

The Idea, how it all started.


Miss Lolo was established in 2013 by celebrity fashion stylist Tamzyn Adding who saw a niche in the furniture market to offer an alternative to the sea of beige that saturates interior furnishings.

Coming from a family of established NZ artists and with a design degree behind her she set out to achieve a brand of furniture that blurred the line between furniture and art; aiming to create furniture that became the focal point of the room.

Originally salvaging tired, retro pieces of furniture and giving them a new lease of life through vibrant colours and bold patterns; With an unsurpassed following on social media in New Zealand and national business awards thrown in this small designer became a design force to be reckoned with in the short space of 2 years, proving that she wasn't the only one who desired to bring colour into the home.




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