Well, it’s been a grim week. Haven’t felt like being overly colourful, so have instead been embracing the black in my wardrobe (being a kiwi I have A LOT of it which is lucky). So, I thought, “Why not do a blog around how to use black in your house.” Black as an interior colour is one of my absolute favourites! It’s bold, it’s confident and it commands attention.

One of the most impactful ways to use black is to paint all 4 walls and the ceiling, yes, you read that right! It creates a seductive and sophisticated space, as well as giving you the most beautiful back drop to display art, makes metallic features POP and looks beautiful with jewel colours. How could you not fall in love with this lounge!?

If you’re not quite that brave …. I used it in a more subtle way in my home. I gave my kitchen instant impact with a textured black splash-back and then framed the entire space with black; separating it from our dining. It creates a contemporary space that’s super easy to accessorize. Everything, literally everything, works with black and white.

So, while were all stuck at home why not grab some black paint and go bold. My pick is the creatively named ‘Black’ from Resene.


Stylists tip: Black absorbs a lot of natural light so make sure you have ample natural light to pull the look off.

Featured above: Wall painted in Resene Black.


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