The Modern Maxilamist

The Modern Maximalist, that's how I’d describe my personal style; so what exactly is ‘Modern Maximalism’ and how does it differ from the other forms of maximalism?

Maximalism in its most basic description is a loud style composed of mixed patterns, excessive, but curated collections, and saturated colors. ... Its ornate nature is reminiscent of the stately home interiors that can be found in England, but the bold colors, and modern accents are what updates maximalist style and makes it modern.

A gorgeous example of modern maximalism is when it’s blended with an industrial aesthetic. Mixing the bold colours of maximalism with the edgy vibe associated with an industrial look, turn the space into a fun, mishmash of styles. Funnily enough my colour choice to best showcase this look is a clean white and my favourite is Resene Alabaster.

Complement your modern maximalist interiors with live plants, and being maximalist you can totally go over the top! Move away from the precisely placed pot plant in the corner (commonly seen in minimalist interiors) and instead go excessive. There are no rules here, except ‘more-is-more’. So, what wall colours go best with a backdrop of rich greens? Think jewel tones; Resene Quarter Pohutukawa, for a gorgeous berry tone or Resene Plum, for a stunning deep violet.

Let your creativity shine in your modern maximalist home with gorgeous gallery walls (note I said walls and not wall, singular, as you don’t have to stop at the one gallery wall when doing a maximalist home). Pick a bold wall colour, darker shades are a little easier to work with, when layering multiple artworks. If you love the look of this wall then take a look at Resene colour Aviator.

If you’re still a little nervous as to how to attack bringing this modern maximalist look into your home, start with one wall. But go bold! Keep the rest of the room super simple to start with and really focus your attention onto that one stunning focal wall. Then, as you get more confident working with this eclectic, fun style, start adding in accents of colour that you’re pulling from the feature wall. You’ll soon get the hang of it :-)

All images sourced from Pinterest

Stylists tip: Confidence is the key here. Abandon all previous notions of the perfect home that's been drummed into us over the years of the minimalist movement. Instead, get out everything you love and showcase it all together. This is your home after all, there are no rules as long as you love it.