Pink has to be my absolute favourite colour! I gravitate towards it in-store like a magpie to diamonds (hence my latest purchase of my full hot-pink ensemble from Ruby last week.) Not to forget my hot pink stilettos, my children’s disproportionate amount of pink clothing or the time I dyed my daughter’s hair magenta.

However, I also LOVE it in interiors. It’s screams “I’m confident”, “I don’t give two craps what my neighbour’s think” and “Yes I can love pink and still be a feminist!” (last one may be a stretch, but you get where I’m going with it.)

Featured above:  Resene Colour me Pink, and Miss Lolo Splatter Wallpaper 

It’s a colour that doesn’t need much to create a major impact. While you can play it safe and put a token pink cushion in your room, why bother? Why not go bolder? … embrace some paint techniques or just paint an entire wall in it. At the end of the day it’s just paint. Enjoy it for a few years and then paint over it if you must. That’s the beauty of paint, it’s easy to change out when you feel like updating. In the same way I update my wardrobe, much to Mister Lolo’s dismay …

So embrace the bold and go hot pink. My absolute fav has to be Resene Colour me Pink.


Use a bold pink in a monochromatic space to make instant impact. It also looks amazing with a vibrant yellow and azure blue for a fun, eclectic and colourful combo. 

Featured above: Wall painted in Resene Colour me Pink.


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