Wall Murals work slightly differently from wallpaper in that each mural is specifically scaled to fit your wall dimensions. Rather than priced per roll, these are priced by the square meter. The calculators will help you determine how many square meters you will need to order.

While these may be priced by the square meter they still do however arrive as wallpaper drops and are installed as you would any regular wallpaper. Our ones even come pre-pasted and water activated so if you're feeling confident you can even hang it yourself.

Prior to the mural being printed, we will always email you through a mock-up to show you what it's going to look like at your desired dimensions. Once you have approved it we hit print.

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Customers about Miss Lolo

Thank you so very much for our fairytale headboard and matching base it truly is one! An absolute dream, beautifully made and stunning to behold , We are so happy to have her as ours.

Emma Martins Bennett

Already being the proud owners of two Miss Lolo Button Pop chairs, we were thrilled to be able to finally add that same Miss Lolo pop of colour and fun to our bedroom. The team at Miss Lolo were super helpful in guiding our fabric choices to help us create the perfect match for our bedroom. Not only do we love the look of the Button Pops of colour, the size, style and finishing of the headboard is second to none! Communication across the whole process, from ordering through to delivery was exceptional - friendly, professional and quick!


So stoked with my new headboard!!! Even hubby loves it after initially giving me "the look" when I told him I had ordered it! The team at LoLo helped me with my colour choice after I sent a photo in so the whole service and quality of the product is awesome!

Nic Simpson-Hefft


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