The 10-pound Baby

The time was 12:10 on a Saturday afternoon. I’d just pushed out a 10-pound baby in a very fast delivery time. I was stitched up like a Christmas turkey, eating dry toast and willing myself to pee so I could get home.

I remember looking at this kid and thinking “(enter expletive here)! There’s another kid, we don’t have two sticks to rub together, don’t own a house (and little known to me at that time my piece of trash car was about to defecate itself in the Pak n Save carpark the following week)”. I willed myself to pee in as quick a time as possible by downing litres of water and got home. Changed clothes, put some makeup on and headed out to a family BBQ later that day. Due to Ben having witnessed a giant baby exit his wife in rapid speed he drunk a few too many wines forcing me to be the sober driver less than 10 hours after giving birth …

With Ben having just left full-time employment and trying to get his new construction company off the ground I was the main bread winner at this time. The option of staying home on maternity leave for any stretch of time simply wasn’t an option. I had no choice but to strap that baby at 5-days old to me and head back to work full-time. So I did.

We made it work because we had no other choice but to. Cedar (now 7 years) would be passed around other crew members to feed her bottles, change her dirty nappy and give her cuddles. Thank god she was an easy baby. It was as if she had this innate sense to just chill when Mum was at work. The disproving looks (and comments) were everywhere I turned. Everyone had an opinion on a situation we couldn’t change.

Fast forward 7 years (of freaking hard work). Kids are happy and healthy, we own a nice house and own several successful businesses. Anyone who says growing a business is easy has no idea. It takes huge sacrifice not only stretching yourself financially but also massive sacrifice to the family unit. I count my blessings every single day that I have a husband who is successful in his own right but more importantly backs me 150% in growing this company. To any other Mum out there trying to start or run a business, huge respect to you! While I may not make it to every school bake day or sports event I’m here in my office paving the way for these girls of mine to know anything is achievable.


Miss Lolo xx

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  • Thanks for sharing this inspiring. Have shared . Never give up. 💚💜💛💙🧡❤️

    Suzie Harris

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